Welcome to Live Picinisco

For those of you have arrived at this site, whether, on purpose, or, having stumbled upon it through a search engine, I might be safe in my assumption that you virtually arrived here out of a love of Picinisco. You are most welcome here, because, this site, has been created out of a passion and love for all things Piciniscane.

My father, Walter Crolla, a Piciniscano through and through, never lost his love for his home town. His parents, Delizia Santangeli and Vittorio Crolla, like so many Piciniscani, were forced to emigrate due to economic circumstances and left Picinisco in 1960 with my father, then aged nine, and his two sisters to find employment in Scotland. As an adult, Dad spent most of his year pining for the village he missed and loved, and the family and friends they left behind. This love and nostalgia for Picinisco was passed down to us and every year there is nothing quite as exciting as driving up the last stretch of the mountainous road finally arriving in Piazza Capocci. You are home. You can relax. Your heart is whole and your soul is at peace.

This site is a virtual portal for Piciniscani all over the world, whether you are first generation or fifth generation, a friend of Picinisco or a holiday maker and lover of medieval Italian villages. Here, you can search for the dream home in Picinisco, find information about a hotel to stay at or a restaurant to dine at while vacationing, trace your family tree or just get in touch to find out information about the village.

Here, we are happy to help. My family has so much to thank Picinisco for, and this is my way of thanking Picinisco, my ancestors and honouring my lovely dad.


About Picinisco

Picinisco is one of the main small towns situated in the south east of the Lazio Region, in the Abruzzi mountains of the Apennines. Perched high on a ridge (750 metres) overlooking the whole of Val Comino valley. Picinisco’s territory forms part of the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise voted by Lonely Planet in 2011 as one of the five best National Park’s in Europe. Its height offers in the hottest months of the year, a relieving freshness, especially at nighttime.


Property Available

Picinisco has a number of wonderful properties for sale and let. We at Live Picinisco, having purchased and sold properties ourselves, understand the differences between buying property in Italy and the legal systems abroad. We have created this online presence to bring information about these lovely properties and help people navigate the Italian house buying process. Although this is a British site, we also have a base in Picinisco, where we are personally available to organise the viewing of these properties and give helpful advice to those buying in Italy for the first time. There is no cost to any or our services.


Genealogy Services

With a particular passion for genealogy, we at Live Picinisco are here to help those looking to retrace their family tree. Whether you just need help finishing something you have already started or a ‘start to finish’ family tree, we will guide you through the process from start to finish. With a base in Picinisco, we have access to all the documentation one would needs to collate out more information about ancestors and your family. Please use the contact form with a general outline of help needed or email on rosariacrolla@livepicinisco.com


Introduction Services

If you see a house that fulfils your Italian dream and decide to purchase it, we can help you find the right people to help complete your sale. We have relationships with many local and independent surveyors and notary publics that can navigate the legal system and ensure that your sale goes through efficiently and correctly. The purchaser in Italy chooses the Notary Public, i.e the solicitor and he acts on behalf of both buyer and seller, so if an introduction is needed to a legal representative, we are happy to help.
Subsequently, post purchase, our list of local builders can assist in creating your dream home.


Places to Experience

Looking for a Hotel, somewhere to eat or some fun here in Picinisco? Click on our partners' websites below:  
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